Round 2 Review - Breaking for Bowers?

Round 2 Review - Breaking for Bowers?
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Round 2 Review - Breaking for Bowers?

Sep 12 2023 | 00:55:56

Episode 27 September 12, 2023 00:55:56

Show Notes

Will, Liam and Mel have a look at the 2nd round scores and price movements. With the return of Bowers, we have to consider what we are willing to do to get her in, based on where we are currently sitting with our teams. Liam gives his perspective from the top ~300 with no immediate issues to fix, and Mel and Will debate who you might stepping-stone to if your team isn't (YET) doing amazing. 

Given we usually use Weeks 1 and 2 trades to fix up starting squad boo boos, the team look to recut the top 5 in each line, and where this differs from what we expected to see.

This weeks Hot Topics:

1. Rookie Whip Around - recent debutants and the snaziness of their performance

2. Potential injuries

3. Underperforming elites and what to do about them

4. Love it or Lister it

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