Round 6 Review - Sweet 16 from here on

Round 6 Review - Sweet 16 from here on
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Round 6 Review - Sweet 16 from here on

Oct 09 2023 | 01:42:21

Episode 31 October 09, 2023 01:42:21

Show Notes

Mel and Liam, and after half a hour or so Will, review Round 6. Mel gets sent to the smug corner for having a great round, great trades and the right VC loophole, and Liam reflects on his mistakes that didn't leave him as smug this week. Once Will joins, the gang rattle off their current Sweet 16, compare notes, and discuss the trades the majority of us will be considering to complete our teams in the following few weeks.

For the final Hot Topic, Mel asks about the bench - how many DNPs are acceptable, and how quickly should we be materialising cash gen.

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